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WordPress WP in Subdirectory SSL problems

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Martin J, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Martin J


    WP in Subdirectory SSL problems, by Martin J

    I’ve seemed to encounter an issue and wondering if anyone else have as well. The idea I had was to have a static HTML website but for the dynamic parts of the site, I was going to install WP in a subdirectory within the root with a restoration from a dev site location.

    My domain has an established SSL and everything works fine there, but when I went to change the site to be html + WP (from the dev site), I was getting a too many redirects error message. So I did a clean install of WP in a clean new db….WP installed fine and while in the admin, I went to General settings to change the site url to include the https as it installed with http only (not sure why as this is an active ssl domain). As soon as I hit save, I was locked out with the error screen of too many redirects again.

    Installed a fresh WP again, but before I changed the site url, I looked at the source code and noticed there were a mix of http and https for scripts, styles, depending on if it was for WP or the theme and media.

    Long story short, am I assuming installing WP in a subdirectory of a domain that has SSL is not going to work? I tried 5 attempts, all results the same. If I put WP in the root, then it’s all good.

    What I find odd though is why when installing WP, it does not automatically setup the site url in settings as https, instead it does http? Plus, why is there a mix of http and https in the source code.

    WP in Subdirectory SSL problems

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