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WordPress Setting up ‘native’ registration/login for my site

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Kip Carter, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Kip Carter


    Setting up ‘native’ registration/login for my site, by Kip Carter

    One setup issue to go and I will be cooking with gas!

    I have looked in the documentation and searched for articles related to this but I have yet to find anything applicable to what my target objective is.

    Objective: I want to use the default capabilities in WordPress 4.8.3 to set up ‘self’ registration and login. The reason I’m specifying ‘default capabilities’ is that I am cash strapped and can’t afford to pay for a fancy plug-in. I figure that may come later but in the meantime I would like to get this setup now.

    1. Is meeting the objective noted above possible without using an add-on? If so, can you point me to an illustration of doing this?
    2. If it is easier to use a free add-on, I wouldn’t be objectionable to doing that but I don’t know what add-on would be best for my objectives. Suggestions?

    The bottom line is that I want people to be able to comment regardless of being registered or not (by providing email etc.). I want to provide additional functionality for those would ‘do’ choose to register. Once I get the initial registration procedure working I will press forward on those additional functions.

    Setting up ‘native’ registration/login for my site

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