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WordPress Run copy of oryginal WordPress on Subdomain

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by amigo2017, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. amigo2017


    Run copy of oryginal WordPress on Subdomain, by amigo2017


    I’ve got a problem. I’d like to run WordPress on a Subdomain.

    My website is for example: http://www.MY123SITE.com
    I’ve created a Subdomain: http://upgrade.MY123SITE.com

    So, what I’ve done:
    a) I’ve created a folder web within the subdomain name directory ‘upgrade’ and then move all the content into the folder titled ‘web’.
    ftp:/subdomains/upgrade/web/all Files…

    b) I’ve updated my WordPress config file to reflect the new database, “wp-config.php from ftp:/subdomains/upgrade/web/wp-config.php
    c) I’ve updated “wp_options” -> siteurl from http://www.MY123SITE.com/MY123SITE to http://upgrade.MY123SITE.com

    Unfortunately, If I’m checking on my web browser an address http://upgrade.MY123SITE.com I will redirect to http://www.MY123SITE.com/

    Please let me know what it’s wrong?
    If I need to change something else?
    How can I log in to WordPress Panel for this Subdomain?

    It’s not a DNS propagation because I waited for 24h.

    Run copy of oryginal WordPress on Subdomain

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