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WordPress Reply To: WordPress in domain path subfolder

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by David Sword, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. David Sword


    Reply To: WordPress in domain path subfolder, by David Sword

    linking to a resource stylesheet by WordPress standards, is done with a core function, like get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') which uses the WordPress address value to build a relative URL. This is all setup this way so tasks (like you’re after) are easily accomplishable. I can’t view the source code of your theme (as it’s premium) to check the code, but I assume it’s authored correctly, so your stylesheets and resources should be loading the new path. Without knowing more, I assume it’s a caché, your browser might of not noticed the change. Try on new browser or in private mode.

    As for inline things, like LINKS and IMAGES within your pages/posts text, they’re just static values stored in the database. So you’ll need to change those urls – there’s a few plugins that can do that for you if you don’t want to do find+replace on the database: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-and-replace/

    Also double check your htaccess file has updated / is correct, and be sure you only have one if your Site URL and Home Address are different. You can review htaccess file and where it should be in Settings > Permalink. Saving a change in that settings page also flushes your rewrite cache, which is handy when troubleshooting.

    Reply To: WordPress in domain path subfolder

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