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WordPress Reply To: WordPress as subfolder of another wordpress

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by HudsonValleyWebDesign, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. HudsonValleyWebDesign


    Reply To: WordPress as subfolder of another wordpress, by HudsonValleyWebDesign

    I do not understand why you want a subdomain or another website? Subdomain/subfolder… Both the same thing. A subdomain points to another folder in your hosting.

    What you are trying to do can be accomplished with custom page templates and custom post types.

    I Strongly suggest you speak to a web developer before jumping into an ocean if you can only swim a little bit.

    Just because the categories are “separated” that does not mean add another website.

    If you have an office for the first business are you going to rent another building with a different business name? Or just set up another desk in your current office?

    Now I want to create the second wordpress for events information, separated.. specific for events.

    You talk about WordPress as if it is a company… Are you starting another company altogether? Or just another employee in the same company that does different tasks related to the same parent company?

    No you can not use the same SEO plugin on another site you would have to install that plugin on the new site as well as the two sites would be completely unrelated.

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