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WordPress Reply To: Multiple web sites

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by zapposhusse, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. zapposhusse


    Reply To: Multiple web sites, by zapposhusse

    OK. Many thanks for answering. This explains why I could not create different pages with different themes.
    I have a dedicated IP, but each domain name is redirected to where ever I want on my server. I will use all my domain names to be redirected to my first company redirect page. This page will then ask visitor “What do you want to do”. I see several advantages with doing this and so far can not see any disadvantage.

    Multiple WordPress installations would work well, but a little “extravagant” from someone used to Dreamveawer. I still need to be reborn here.
    Creating a Network I think is too ambitious for me now, being a rookie. Is it possible to do the multiple installations first and change to Network later without too much fuss?
    Then another stupid question. What is a splash page and how do I create it? If The WordPress manual describes this procedure i guess i should be able to find it my self.
    Thanks again for the help

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