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WordPress Reply To: Installing WordPress

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by notrepla72, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. notrepla72


    Reply To: Installing WordPress, by notrepla72

    So, if you have a website address with hosting and you have downloaded a template from WordPress, how do you install the template. Do you do it from the host, in this case, GoDaddy or do you do it from WordPress
    I tried following the WordPress instructions which said
    1. Unzip the package from THemeforest – Fine – no problem
    2. In unzipped folder you will find a folder named ” Kute- Boutique theme” and 2 archives: “Kute- Boutique.zip” file and “Sample Data” Oh no you wont find any of those files – there is a folder Boutique Theme and in there you find two folders with similar names but nt the one they tell you to find
    Why is it that this always happens? you can never follow the instructions without getting to a point where what they tell you to do you cannot do?
    So, I am none the wiser and something which should be reasonably easy becomes impossible!!

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