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WordPress Reply To: How do I install WordPress

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Marius Enache, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Marius Enache


    Reply To: How do I install WordPress, by Marius Enache

    @yebodave we are trying to help, but you need at least to have some basic understanding of how a website work.

    You said that you have already used WordPress until 2011. That should mean that you already had a bit of knowledge about how a website work. Or, there’s also the possibility that you are making a confusion between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which are two separate things.

    Besides what I’ve already mentioned, to install WordPress, you also need to have a domain name (or a subdomain) where to install WordPress.

    Then, you need to buy a web hosting plan to host WordPress and its files.

    To connect your domain name with your hosting account, you will have to place the nameservers given by your web hosting company after you register your web hosting plan to your domain management panel (accessible on the site of the company where you’ve registered your domain name from).

    Only then you can install WordPress using one of the methods already mentioned in my first reply.

    I know it might be hard to understand what I’m saying, especially if you don’t understand some of the terms.

    However, you must be willing to put a bit of effort to learn new things if you want to succeed with your goal. We cannot explain now every term here.

    Everything concerning the WordPress installation process is already on the Web. WordPress is one of the best-documented software, and even if an information is not available in the official documentation, there is already an article covering that topic on other websites.

    Just use the search engines to find an explanation to the words or the processes you don’t understand. Otherwise, the easiest path would be to pay a freelancer to install WordPress for you.

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