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WordPress Reply To: Changing themes and redoing site

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by vincek1, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. vincek1


    Reply To: Changing themes and redoing site, by vincek1


    This is a great question. I highly recommend that you establish a development or staging site, which is a copy of your current site. This site can live on a subdomain on your current host (e.g http://dev.dcneuro.net) or it can live on your home computer (the forums at the following link discuss these kinds of “local” installs or “localhost” https://wordpress.org/support/forum/localhost-installs/ ).

    I personally prefer the former. By making your development site copy on your same host, you can make sure that what you’re developing is compatible with your current host’s server environment. Plus, though not every host does this, some hosts’ support teams will provide you instructions or a walk-through of how to do this yourself, and some of the more high-touch support teams will do this for you or offer an automatic way of doing this for you. Don’t be surprised if yours doesn’t though; you can usually adapt the following guide on “moving WordPress” to fit your needs as well:

    There are a number of free plugins in the WordPress.org Repository (Repo) that advertise the ability to clone/copy your existing site to a new URL to help make this a little easier, with generally good reviews and success depending on the makeup of your site.

    Please PLEASE make sure you have good backups that you can restore from before digging too far into this if you’re not sure of what you’re doing! Mistakes are inevitable; I’m sure many veterans of this kind of action will admit to making them (myself definitely included), and recovering from them will be far easier if you can restore from a backup:

    Hope this information helps! Please feel free to reply back if it doesn’t or you need further information.

    – Vince

    Reply To: Changing themes and redoing site

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