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WordPress Reply To: Blog Summary function isn’t working as expected

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by George Appiah, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. George Appiah


    Reply To: Blog Summary function isn’t working as expected, by George Appiah


    I’m just getting things installed and setup and having some difficulty which I’m fairly sure is simply my ignorance of WordPress.

    Not your ignorance of WordPress per se, but your apparent misunderstanding of how online commenting works (irrespective of platform).

    2. What I’m finding is that in order to give access to the comments for users they must click on the title of the blog article to get to a page with the comment at the bottom and navigation to advance or rewind the blog view from the current position.

    This is the expected, and in my opinion, should be the desired, behavior. And guess what, this is how EVERY OTHER BLOG out there works.

    Categories are topics, like sections of your favorite dead tree magazine. They are containers for individual articles.

    You don’t want comments on the entire container with different and numerous articles in it.

    Instead, you want comments on the individual articles.

    And especially for you, who is abusing using “category” as container for different blogs, you don’t want comments on the entire blog as a whole, but on individual articles inside the blog (category).

    That’s why users must click to go to the individual article to leave a comment.

    This is very confusing for the user,

    No, not at all. This is how all websites work.

    Just check out your favorite newspaper’s website, it’s exactly the same experience — click to read individual articles, with the comment form, if present, at the bottom of the individual article. (Except that the articles in each category may be laid out in columns, whereas yours is presented in a linear/vertical flow).

    Reply To: Blog Summary function isn’t working as expected

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