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WordPress Reply To: Blank screen during installation

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Name Hero, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Name Hero


    Reply To: Blank screen during installation, by Name Hero

    If it’s a fresh installation with no custom plugins or themes, I’d take a look at your PHP settings. Specifically look at your installed PHP extensions as well as your memory limit and PHP version.

    You can create a new file called info.php with this line of code:


    There is a nice list here of all the dependencies you need.

    Most all of the popular web hosts compile PHP with these by default, but if you’re running a custom setup, it’s possible you have something missing.

    The white screen of death can also be a memory limit issue if it’s set very low. I like to recommend at least 128MB but you can tell this from the info.php file.

    Finally, make sure you’re using at least PHP 7.0. PHP 5.6 is still used a lot, but you’ll notice a world of difference with 7.0+.

    Hope this solves your issue!

    Reply To: Blank screen during installation

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