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WordPress Multisite woocomerce issue

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by albertramsbottom, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. albertramsbottom


    Multisite woocomerce issue, by albertramsbottom


    I just got multisite working this morning with two different domains

    My main site is using the flatsome theme but oddly the products link on the left-hand side under the woocommerce icon has disappeared?, the products are on the site and the site works fine.

    My second site was using the flatsome child and this didnt have a products link either so I thought it would be theme related so i changed the second site to a free new theme and now this has a products link?? but main site doesn’t.

    I do remember, when I configured the networking part of the set up, having to use a sub-domain to start such as test.mydomain.com and then after all the rest of the configuration including htaccess aad WP-Config changes all seemed to work, apart from the min admin not having a products link

    Any ideas?

    Also, this set up works in a strange way and was wondering if this s right? Whilst all the plugins are on the second site and the same as the main site it looks like they all need configuring, which is a little odd. I would have thought that by making them network-enabled the sites would passover.

    Anyway the first issue is the worst
    Any help would be great, I knew I should have stayed with magento

    Multisite woocomerce issue

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