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WordPress how to change my current CMS to WP CMS

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Alexa, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Alexa


    how to change my current CMS to WP CMS, by Alexa

    I own a dynamic website since 2011, that was designed and hosted by an engineer I knew, the domain name I bought it through godaddy, now the engineer took my money to develop new features to the website, but he is not responding anymore, its been 2 years, every week he promises me to give me the new features next week, because I knew him on personal basis I was so patient, then I travelled to the states for work, anyway the engineer does not live in the united states and I cannot reach him, I finally called godaddy to see if they can migrate my website to them, so I placed today the migration request, thankfully I have access to the cpanel,

    the problem I am afraid of now is the CMS, the engineer gave me access to some sort of custom made content management system panel, so now by migrating to godaddy, I’m not sure if i can use the same CMS?

    I want to use Word Press, and I’m null in these technical details, I feel the future of my website which I invested in a lot of money and time is going to trash, I need someone to help me how to use WP CMS and if i can do it in the first place.

    how to change my current CMS to WP CMS

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