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WordPress How can I add a Shortcode to my header

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pierrot10, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. pierrot10


    How can I add a Shortcode to my header, by pierrot10

    I am very new with WP but I could install a web site.

    Actually I am trying to add a donate paypal. I download the Donate payapl plugin and I configured it.

    When I edit an article, I can add the following
    [wpedon id=380]
    And the donate button is well shown in the page.

    But now, I would lik to add the button in my header. I observer the
    <div class="right-header-wrap">
    in the page
    then I added the shortcut as the following

    <div class="right-header-wrap">
    [wpedon id=380]

    but whne I refresh my pafe, it does nor show the button :eek:), but the text : wpedon id=380

    The my question how can I add the paypal button I configured with the plugin (or extention) to my header section or anywhere in my theme..?

    Many thank

    How can I add a Shortcode to my header

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