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WordPress From a manual backup to a new hosting server

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dutamulia, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. dutamulia


    From a manual backup to a new hosting server, by dutamulia

    I’m a IT support with little or no website knowledge. I’ve been tasked to restore a wp made website from a plain /public_html/ folder.

    So what we have here are:
    1. a .zip file of the old /public_html/ folder
    2. WP login username & password info
    3. A new server using cpanel but we are going to use the same domain (transferred)
    4. Latest WordPress installed in the new hosting

    What we don’t have : any other info like mySQL/PHP database name etc (i don’t even actually know what are those).

    I have tried reading some articles but none are helpful or i just can’t understand them. Please guide me how, or point me to any reading. I”m eager to learn and will do my homework.

    Thank you masters

    edit : fixed the thread title

    From a manual backup to a new hosting server

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