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WordPress fix WP Admin Non-functional

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by bendutter, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. bendutter


    WP Admin Non-functional, by bendutter

    Hello. I attempted to log in to my /wp-admin yesterday and again today, and am getting a non-functional representation of the admin dashboard. Rather than the usual interface which allows me to navigate the back-end of my site, I get a string of non-stylized HTML.

    Clicking on any of the links (what would normally be buttons that take you to “Pages” for example) simply redirects me to a “500 Internal Server Error.” However, the actual website is still functional on any browser and device I check it on.

    I currently host through BlueHost, and haven’t made any changes recently other than the removal of a 301 redirect for this site. The site worked immediately after, but I’ve never been able to access the “back-end” through any of the usual means I’m aware of (the BlueHost page, the /wp-admin login, etc).

    After searching through the support forums, I can’t find a similar issue. Any help is appreciated!

    I see that my entire site is down now. It appears that the functional version was due to cache. I’m reaching out to BH for support, but any help here is still appreciated.

    WP Admin Non-functional

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