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WordPress fix wp-admin blank

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by farrenc, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. farrenc


    wp-admin blank, by farrenc

    I have a newly installed OpenSuse VM and a newly installed WP. Both “out of the box” with no changes. I’m getting the common problem of the wp-admin page being blank after a login. I’ve scoured the web for the last week and tried pretty much everything. Removed blank spaces, gave php more memory, turned on debugging (which still gave no output), looked in log files (no errors are logged), etc. I’ve even rebuilt the entire VM from scratch. And, I have another site running the same OpenSuse and WP version that works correctly. I’ve even tried to compare the two VM’s for differences. I’ve renamed plugins and themes to no avail. If it’s on the web, I’ve tried it….

    I also tried putting a simple print statement in /wp-admin/index.php. If I put it above wp_dashboard_setup(); I get the output of my print statement in the browser. But, if I put it after that line, I get no output.

    Since I have no hair left to pull out, I’m looking for help here!



    wp-admin blank

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