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WordPress fix WordPress site/php files blank after server transfer

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by xprt007, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. xprt007


    WordPress site/php files blank after server transfer, by xprt007

    I’m almost going nuts with this problem. I have transferred files & DBs of 2 functioning WordPress sites to another server. I’m not doing this for the first time. To carry out some tests, because I have to get the sites running the other day, I decided to first place them in 2 folders in the root folder public_html where another site is based, before setting up the add-on domains. I did the necessary changes to the databases in the options db table, wp-config.php & .htaccess.
    One of the 2 sites is now functioning in site.com/othersite1. The /othersite2, whatever I do, including similar changes as to othersite1 only produces a blank page. After checking the settings many times over, I noted even a non-Wordpress phpinfo() script will not load & produces a blank page! The only files loading are images placed directly in /othersite2.
    I set wp-config.php to show errors, but nothing is shown.
    I tried removing all WordPress files in /othersite2, leaving only the phpinfo() script, which then loads normally. As soon as I place the other WordPress files, everything, including this script goes blank. It is as if there is a problem with this site folder, but this does not make sense.
    I tried emptying the database & replaced the site files with virgin WordPress files & the installation worked. Replacing them with the real site files, blank.
    The crazy thing is both sites, which I want to transfer function 100% & in production on the server I want to move them from.
    Just in case some key WordPress files were left out during the transfer, I overwrote them with fresh WP files.

    So my question, is what could be causing this strange behavior, that even a non-Wordpress php file will not load & is blank, whereas everything in a neighboring folder works, i.e the WordPress site & the exact phpinfo() script?
    The fact that the phpinfo() script is blank when other files are around, means it’s not a database issue.

    In php.ini files in both cases placed in the root folders, I have memory limit set to 256MB, which has never been a problem. Also code placed in wp-config.php

    I would appreciate some help as I must transfer the sites by 11th.

    Thank you in advance

    WordPress site/php files blank after server transfer

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