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WordPress fix WordPress Server Blocking our IP Address

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by drewhawkinsnh, Mar 12, 2018 at 7:03 AM.

  1. drewhawkinsnh


    WordPress Server Blocking our IP Address, by drewhawkinsnh


    We are hitting a snag with our corporate blog (blog.northhighland.com). Every time we try to save and/or publish a post, the page bounces. We tried deactivating all plugins to see if there was a problem plugin but still ran into this issue.

    We reached out to our IT team and asked if there was an issue with our server. They rebooted our server just to see if that would help and we still had the same issue. I can’t even log back into our admin dashboard after trying to publish a post.

    Here’s what our director of IT told us:

    this is the server blocking IP address. The Word Press server, not the server itself. The minute you publish and it fails, the WP server is black listing the IP address it came from. All the documentation on how to remove the blocks points to an option I do not see called WP security. Once it blocks you, I do not know how long you will stay blocked. It my be forever.

    We need a WP engineer to look at this.

    Is this a common issue? Anything we are not looking at?

    WordPress Server Blocking our IP Address

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