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WordPress fix WordPress looks different on other computer

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by stripdax, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. stripdax


    WordPress looks different on other computer, by stripdax

    Hi forum…

    Im pretty new into wordpress, and for studies i need to make a website which i have to present for my finals.

    I just started working with wordpress, and its amazing how many features it have, but recently i have this problem, when someone looks at my site from different computers it looks different. When on my own the site looks normal with the header in right place, and everything in order. but on another half of the header is gone, like it went over the top margin/line and only half of the text can be seen. If i place it right compared to the other persons computer my site looks weird, cause then the header will go down on my own computer

    Im using elementor as a plugin for building website, and im in big doubt about what i can do, if anyone has any suggestions i hope they can help…

    Im not so much into codes, i dont know how to use them, if that is what is needed please explain in an easy way

    sorry if the post is in the wrong place in the forum

    WordPress looks different on other computer

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