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WordPress fix WordPress Chatbot Project – Need community help

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by redpillorblue, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. redpillorblue


    WordPress Chatbot Project – Need community help, by redpillorblue

    Hey guys

    I need your help in building a chatbot for WordPress enthusiasts that helps beginners navigate through the platform and learn (and hopefully make the job of admins easier).

    In Stage 1:
    It would just answer questions that one may have regarding the platform (How Tos)

    In Stage 2:
    Hook with WordPress API and actually do those tasks for the users

    I have NO intention to moneytize this project in any shape or form. It would be a free plugin, No ads, No services and No BS and this is a genuine attempt to give back to the community.

    Here is where I need your help:
    I have a list of possible conversations that a user may like to have with the bot. I need your help in completing this list of possible conversations:

    – Add a new post / page / <post type>
    – Add a new blog category
    – Mark all comments AS SPAM
    – Install <plugin name>
    – Add a new user named <Name> and email <email address> as <ROLE>

    What else do you think this bot should support?

    WordPress Chatbot Project – Need community help

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