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WordPress fix WordPress Audio Playlist Looping

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by captzeanie2016, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. captzeanie2016


    WordPress Audio Playlist Looping, by captzeanie2016


    I have been creating and having the default wordpress playlist on my pages and having styled it it all works great, the I deleted 2 tracks from a playlist leaving just a single track, now when that track is played it keeps repeating again and again.

    I have tried loop=0, loop=”0″, loop=”no”, loop=no, loop=”off”, loop=off, loop=false and loop=”false” and it still keeps repeating.

    Here is the current code for just a that single track playlist.

    [playlist images="false" artists="false" style="dark" loop="off" ids="2718"]

    As soon as I add and extra ids to the shortcode it all works fine again?

    Is this by default ie “as designed to repeat a single track in a playlist” or an actual issue?

    How can I stop this without having to change to an single audio shortcode


    WordPress Audio Playlist Looping

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