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WordPress fix WordPress 4.9 is a compatibility disaster

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by sexilyspeaking, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. sexilyspeaking


    WordPress 4.9 is a compatibility disaster, by sexilyspeaking

    If you haven’t upgraded to 4.9. Try to put a stop to it.

    There are at least two big issues with no solutuion (just look at issues raised in this forum alone).

    1. Theme changes can’t be saved (You gotta use FTP to save this … imagine the hassle).
    2. Widget (Custome HTML) can’t be saved eg. ads code – This, you can still use the text widget. But I found out it renders differently on html pages.

    What’s the fix? I think the only fix is just allow saving (it’s not like WordPress knows what code users will be using, please do not stop one from saving by being smart alec, saying things like this must have double quote, that is not present anywahere0 … please release 4.9.4 … just allow save whatever the code maybe. End of story.

    I am stuck now. Wondering how to downgrade (back to 4.8.x) – any idea?

    WordPress 4.9 is a compatibility disaster

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