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WordPress fix WordPress – 404 Not Found nginx /only few users/

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by deadlightswalker, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. deadlightswalker


    WordPress – 404 Not Found nginx /only few users/, by deadlightswalker

    I‘ve got a 404 problem on my blog. Lot‘s of people was reporting “404 Not Found nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)” on Page 2, 3, someone on posts.. I eliminated problem on smaller group of people when changed Permalinks from Post name to Plain, and changed from 15 to 9 posts on homepage /thats not good/, but It did not solve the problem completely.

    STILL some of users reporting 404 nginx, some people solved the problem with crearing cache and some users recommended New private tab to work properly.

    For me its working all fine, so, Its hard to test it.

    I tried :
    – reinstall WP core files
    – disabling all plugins for few minutes
    – change theme for few minutes
    – there is no .htacces on nginx
    – nginx config is configured properly, with “try_files” /in the past it worked/

    I think, that must be some problem with permalinks/pagination ? Maybe. I tried other plugin for pagination, too.

    Some tips ? Thank you.

    Audit Log Viewer shows:

    Request URL example.org/?author=7 Referer ,

    WordPress – 404 Not Found nginx /only few users/

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