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WordPress fix What means: New user registration on your site…?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by sannajohanna, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. sannajohanna


    What means: New user registration on your site…?, by sannajohanna


    Some time ago I gave my information (passwords) etc. to the person who promised to develop my pages.

    After that, I have got announcements from WordPress two times that “New user registration on your site…”

    What does this mean? The person who is developing my pages say that they are readers, “subscribers”. It is difficult for me to believe because on my site I have no place where to subscribe and as far as I know, the new pages are not ready, yet.

    How someone can register to me page as a user just like that?

    What can I do now because I do not want that person to continue “developing” my page and then I get very odd “users” there all the time. They have weird emailaddresses, they both end with @mail.ru

    I want to get rid of them and get my pages on my control again. What should I do?

    And by the way, when I get this post (thank you for it, it is valuable) from wordpress, where it actually comes from?

    Best regards,

    What means: New user registration on your site…?

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