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WordPress fix Website, theme, appearance

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by mertov, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. mertov


    Website, theme, appearance, by mertov

    I have several problems for about two weeks now, and it is not one specific theme problem. What I describe below happens with every theme I try. I tried up to 8 different themes so far.

    At first, I could not change the appearance of my theme (Twenty Thirteen) that has worked fine for years. I updated it and since, the appearance of my website changed and I cannot get back into to the theme’s “appearances” function to fix the colors, etc. It gave me a “500 Internal Error” message.
    I looked it up on the forums. I could only understand very little of what was said.

    [[Disclaimer about myself: Keep in mind please, I am NOT a techno-wizard AT ALL. (Example: When you say “use FTP” or “file manager provided in your host’s control panel,” they literally mean nothing to me. I don’t know what FTP means, I tried looking it up and it’s explained by 8 other words that I don’t understand, I don’t know what “file manager” means outside of the one in Internet Explorer, I think, nor what “host control” means, and that was just an example. In short, I need someone to explain the steps necessary as if talking to a 4-year-old)]]

    I did read that I should try it with the plugins deactivated, one of the very few things I do know how to do, and I deactivated them. When I tried to then, instead of a “500 Internal Server Error,” the menu on the left shows up with “Dashboard” – “Posts” -“Media” etc. but when I click “Customize” under “Appearances” I see the menu on the left appear with “Side Identity,” Colors,” “Header,” etc.. but nothing appears where I am supposed to see (meaning the large part of the screen).

    Also, people cannot even get to my website now. I tried it too, and nothing shows up, just a blank page. I don’t know how long that has been going on, but the last time I went to my website it was about a week ago, that is when I noticed that colors were different than what I set a while back.

    Notice 1: Everything I explained above happens with all browser. I have the latest versions of Edge, Google, Opera and Vivaldi, it happened with all of them.
    Notice 2: I also tried up to 8 different themes, and nothing has been different.

    Can someone please help?
    But again, I will need someone patient who can guide me through the fix without assuming that I know any technical language at all. As I already said above, I am not a techno-wizard at all (see “disclaimer about myself” above in the body of the message). I hope whoever helps me is patient and kind.

    Thanks in advance.

    Website, theme, appearance

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