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WordPress fix W3C validator – why I receive Error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by chief_wolfinjo, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. chief_wolfinjo


    W3C validator – why I receive Error, by chief_wolfinjo


    I am trying to test my website: https://www.majordroid.com/

    and when i input website address here at


    I receive: Error: 403 Forbidden
    why ?

    What i need to do to fix this ?

    besides that i contacted W3C, and they told me this:

    I think your server is sniffing headers, in particular the User-Agent one, and refusing
    to serve the page to the Link Checker specifically because of that.
    The User-Agent sent by LC is: “W3C-checklink/4.81 libwww-perl/6.15”

    You can try this yourself from the command line, using curl:

    For a dummy, random UA, the page is returned okay:

    curl ‘https://www.majordroid.com/’ -H ‘user-agent: foo’

    When using this UA, error 403 and an error page is shown:

    curl ‘https://www.majordroid.com/’ -H ‘user-agent: W3C-checklink/4.81 libwww-perl/6.15’

    Most likely, it’s a rule in your .htaccess file(s), or in your firewall/proxy.

    Thank you

    Have a nice day

    W3C validator – why I receive Error

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