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WordPress fix visual editor tab missing – odd behavior

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by marc5477, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. marc5477


    visual editor tab missing – odd behavior, by marc5477

    This has been an ongoing problem for at least 6 months and I decided to finally ask for help.

    I have a problem with the visual editor tab disappearing but only in one specific circumstance.
    I hope someone can help me find the issue.


    ADSL – Home Connected through wifi router
    Tether – Mobile Phone USB to computer
    VPN – Windows Client (not on phone) can be toggled on and off
    Desktop Computer – Windows 7 <- this is where the problem is
    Laptop Computer – Windows 7 <- no problems

    OK -> Laptop + any combo
    OK -> Desktop + ADSL
    OK -> Desktop + ADSL + VPN
    OK -> Desktop + Tether + VPN
    PROBLEM -> Desktop + Tether

    So basically, on my desktop, the visual editor only works if I am connected to VPN… Anyone have any ideas? I checked error logs in the console, they match regardless of whether or not VPN is on.

    visual editor tab missing – odd behavior

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