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WordPress fix Usernames and autofill wrong and I’d like to change

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by tuckerdogavl, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. tuckerdogavl


    Usernames and autofill wrong and I’d like to change, by tuckerdogavl

    I go back and forth between Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Basically, because usually my corrections,edits and posts show up at various times/etc based on the browser, the cache, etc.

    However, what is consistent is that when I go to sign into WP, the drop down menu has not saved my user name without a spacebetween it, but I have a User name with “space between” it. Which never works.

    There are five other users, two that are completely obsolete. The other are client users names. No problem, but if I don’t save password/user name, then when I put the password in, I get the shakey shake until i do it at least twice. If I do save the password/username, I can’t check the work by going to the URL because the URL/wp-admin launches.

    And no matter how often I have cleared my keychain and entered in new passwords, I get the shakey shake.

    But, back to the original problem: How do I delete old usernames, or incorrect user names? Took me a couple hours Saturday to figure out Google’s hidden secret. Would appreciate anyone who can share WP’s without having to spend another time suck. Much appreciated in advance …

    Usernames and autofill wrong and I’d like to change

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