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WordPress fix url suddenly changed makin 404 errors

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by [email protected], Mar 16, 2018.

  1. helle.rob@gmail.com


    url suddenly changed makin 404 errors, by [email protected]

    This url used to be https://omhelse.no/menneskekroppen/. It has tons of subpages. Suddenly I notice the url has changed to https://omhelse.no/menneskekroppen-2/, and all subpages urls are also changed to https://omhelse.no/menneskekroppen-2/subpages/subpages.

    Leading to tons of dead links inside the hundreds of posts. In the main menu most urls are also updated to this new adress: “https://omhelse.no/menneskekroppen-2/”

    Many pages are also on google ranking first page. I dont know how to fix this. I need the urls with “menneskekroppen-2/” to get back to “menneskekroppen/”.

    Thank you for any help. It is much appreciated!

    url suddenly changed makin 404 errors

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