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WordPress fix Upgrade Wordpress: Backing up the right way

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dragozir, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. dragozir


    Upgrade Wordpress: Backing up the right way, by dragozir

    I recently got access to a site that has been inaccessible to my company for a few months. Over the course of these few months, the plugins started failing one by one. Essentially, I was wondering exactly what I would need to back up in the case of a restore.
    Running 4.8.4, with ~40 plugins, about half have been deactivated. I have made a tarball of the entire System, home directory, and SQL databases. Uptime for my website is imperative, as I will be moving a localhost install to the website over the course of the week, I need to ensure that a rollback can be possible. I have tested restoring from the home directory and SQL databases, yet saw no results (I created a page after I completed downloading the .gz s, yet the page remained after restoring). I have read the documentation provided by my host/cPanel as well as WordPress and did not find something I would consider encompassing of the entire scope of my question.

    Upgrade Wordpress: Backing up the right way

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