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WordPress fix Updated site, now submenus do not work

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by h3lp0m3, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. h3lp0m3


    Updated site, now submenus do not work, by h3lp0m3

    Hey everyone,
    I updated our website, and now the submenus do not work. At first clicking on the menus did nothing. I added a little bit of css code, dropdown-toggle, to make the menus have their submenus show again. But, the submenus are not clickable, see the “About” menu. I found where another code, dropdown-submenu, to let someone hover over the “Events” menu and the submenus there are clickable, but they pop up to the right of the menu. I also realized, that it is not functional in mobile. I prefer if we can click on the menu to bring up the submenus for mobile functionability.

    Everything was fine before I updated the site.
    I tried reinstalling the update, made sure all the plugins were up to date, and I disabled each plugins to see if any of them caused the problem. None of this worked.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks everyone!

    Updated site, now submenus do not work

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