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WordPress fix Update TinyMCE from 4.1.3 —> 4.3.8

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by mpatzekov, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. mpatzekov


    Update TinyMCE from 4.1.3 —> 4.3.8, by mpatzekov

    Hi guys,

    I am currently struggling with an issue and wanted to ask for some help here. The thing is that I run an old version of WordPress – 4.3.15 which turned out that uses TinyMCE version 4.1.3. In this version of TinyMCE, there is a problem when trying to edit images in posts. The problem appears only in the new versions of Chrome. When you try to select an image using the Visual tab in the text editor, you can’t do that and you can’t edit the image title, caption, alt text, etc. So, I tried to find what may cause this issue and found this topic https://github.com/tinymce/tinymce/issues/3611 that describes very well that the version of TinyMCE is the reason for this problem.

    What I’ve decided is to update the version of TinyMCE. Well, I know that if I update the WordPress version this will resolve the question but currently I am using lots of plugins on my WordPress and there’s a big chance that things will be messed with the update. So, what I’ve decided is to try to ONLY update the TinyMCE editor. However, I don’t know whether this will work or not. I tried several methods, unfortunately none of them seemed to work. So my question now is:

    Is there a way to ONLY update the TinyMCE editor from 4.1.3 —> 4.3.8 ?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Kind regards,
    Martin P.

    Update TinyMCE from 4.1.3 —> 4.3.8

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