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WordPress fix Unsuccessful transfer of blog to self-hosted WP

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by nancyeverds, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. nancyeverds


    Unsuccessful transfer of blog to self-hosted WP, by nancyeverds

    I’m struggling to get my wordpress.com blog to bluehost wordpress.org.
    These are the steps I’ve taken:
    Exported files from wordpress.com
    Used WP import function to bring files into new selfhosted site
    -Result–some blog posts (9 of 51) missing; about 1/3 of media missing; error messages when trying to upload. Tried to upload multiple times as someone suggested, but still had missing blogs and media.
    Deleted all posts, etc on the selfhosted page to start over
    Used FileZilla to FTP xml files into public_html subfolder blog
    –now site has only 3 blog entries
    Deleted all xml type files in file manager
    –3 blog entries remain
    Tried to delete 3 remaining blog entries within the dashboard
    –will not move to trash.
    Spent hours on phone and chat with Bluehost and they couldn’t help.
    What should I do to get the blog migrated from wordpress.com to selfhosting?
    –Delete subdomain and start all over again?
    —if I do this, do I need to remake the SQL DB?
    –other options?

    Unsuccessful transfer of blog to self-hosted WP

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