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WordPress fix Unable to link wordpress blog with Word

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ektagoel04, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. ektagoel04


    Unable to link wordpress blog with Word, by ektagoel04

    I have a blog deductionlearning.com and its using wordpress. I linked it with my Word 2-3 days back and I was able to perfectly publish my posts from Word. But today, I was never able to publish. So, I thought of removing the account and adding it again. It says Word cannot register the account. The username and password has to be correct, because when I use those to login to deductionlearning.com/wp-admin, I’m able to login.
    Also, I checked for the file xmlrpc.php. It’s there. But in Setting->Writing, I don’t find any option for Remote Publishing. (but I don’t think this is the issue as earlier I was able to publish the posts).

    Yesterday, I created the account on wordpress.org. Has it got anything to do with that because I read posts stating wordpress.org and wordpress.com are different things. Agreed on that, but any idea of what’s the issue here?

    Any help will be appreciated. Stuck on this.

    Unable to link wordpress blog with Word

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