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WordPress fix Unable to control the WP heartbeat in 4.9

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by crmpicco, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. crmpicco


    Unable to control the WP heartbeat in 4.9, by crmpicco

    My question is a follow on from this which is closed for new replies.

    I have installed three different plugins in an attempt to control the Heartbeat, however none of them work and when they do they don’t work 100%. The plugins I have installed are:

    Heartbeat Control
    WP Thor Heartbeat
    AJAX Heartbeat Tool

    Even with the settings configured to 60 seconds the heartbeat still ticks at 15 seconds for unsaved content on the page edit page and ever 2-3 seconds on a plugin admin page which utilizes the heartbeat.

    I am happy for the Heartbeat to tick as I understand that some parts of the application and some plugins require this to work efficiently, however I want to reduce the frequency it is running across the board, over the full application including add-ons so that I am not using as much CPU for infrastructure purposes.

    I have installed these plugins on two separate servers, so it doesn’t appear to be server config-related.

    Unable to control the WP heartbeat in 4.9

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