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WordPress fix Trying to change permalinks back to postname is not working (changed to plain in

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by sariee, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. sariee


    Trying to change permalinks back to postname is not working (changed to plain in, by sariee

    Permalinks changed in error; when try to change back I get re-directed to login page.

    Please bear with me I’m a newbie.

    I was having an issue that when I created a sub-page I got a 404 error. If I changed it to a top level page it was fine. I surfed the web for advice and read a post that said ‘change your permalinks back to plain for a moment, then change them back to pretty/postname and all will be well. I innocently did that and it isn’t at all well.

    First I couldn’t access the dashboard. I cleared cache & cookies then I finally got back in. But I couldn’t access the permalinks settings page, it just went to login screen. I went in via an incognito page and then it let me to the permalinks page. I tried changing permalinks back to postname and saved but then it kicks me straight out to a login screen. It doesn’t seem to change anything. I checked the .htaccess file and it had changed it to a blank. I uploaded a saved copy from about 6 weeks ago (yes I need to learn about how to backup wordpress sites) which seems to have the right text in. That got me back into dashboard but permalinks haven’t changed and if I go through the cycle to get back into the permalinks page to try changing it again then it blanks the .htaccess file again……
    Now if trying to move from any section of WP admin then I get a login page and it won’t take the login any more.

    I am in earlyish stages of site development and I’m not worried about losing any existing links etc as haven’t linked the wordpress site to our main site yet and have it set to discourage seo currently. But it’s been an uphill learning battle even so far for an oldy like me and I’d be gutted to have to start again.

    Any help, advice much appreciated. Please don’t assume I know much, so keep it as foolproof as you can.

    Trying to change permalinks back to postname is not working (changed to plain in

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