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WordPress fix Trouble with saving new pages, new products and changes

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by luikot, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. luikot


    Trouble with saving new pages, new products and changes, by luikot

    Since August I have a running site with an online store and I have been experiencing problems with saving changes. I tried to resolve this issue by contacting my hosting operator as it could be due to database error, however everything there seems fine. There are several guesses that might explain these problems and I would like to consult them with you.
    Firstly, I will describe what I mean problems with saving changes.
    I experienced this for the first time when I was adding new page and I created it using visual composer 5.1 and I published it. The new page was not listed in the admin panel and was nowhere to be found. After several minutes it was live but still not visible in admin panel. It appeared in the panel the next day when I logged in to the panel. I created the second page at the same time and also published it but it was neither live on the website nor visible in the panel and never appeared so I had to create the same page again. It happens very randomly. There are times I don’t experience anything like this at all.
    Another case was adding new products to the shop. When I was adding new products, after publishing they were not visible in the panel. Some where visible on the site, some were not. I tried to do it differently – I made drafts of the products and save them and then publish them and they were visible on the site but remained as drafts for one day in the panel.
    Lastly, I tried to change a slide in the Slider Revolution (version and the changes I made after saving kept appearing and disappearing. Finally, after series of interventions I managed to make the changes I wanted but it cost me two hours of my time just to upload new photo and create two language versions of new text. Even after succeeding the changes were interchangeably visible and invisible in the panel making at times what was on the site incompatible with what was in the panel.
    It seems to me that these are the cases of the same issue. There are some guesses I made, however I am not a web developer and my understanding of wordpress is limited. The possible issues:
    1) “Saving posts or pages is not possible in all browsers when using Visual Composer version 5.4.2 or older” (from this forum) . I use Visual Composer 5.1, which is supported by the theme Savoy by NordicMade.
    2) Savoy theme uses and outdated templates of WooCommerce – I don’t know if this could have anything to do with this but I get this info.
    3) Some installed plug-ins could be causing it? If so, how can I know which one? Is there any procedure for identifying the problematic plug-in?
    4) “Contact Form by BestWebSoft will cause the plugin/theme editors to time out and not save your changes” (from this forum). I don’t use this plug-in, instead I have Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi , but maybe this could casue similar issue?
    Please help me to find the cause of this problem. I will be grateful for your help.
    Best regard

    Trouble with saving new pages, new products and changes

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