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WordPress fix Theme problem – Etherna?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jeppadstracy, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. jeppadstracy


    Theme problem – Etherna?, by jeppadstracy


    My logo on my website has disappeared and been replaced by the word Etherna changing the colour scheme to orange and I’m not sure why or how I find out what I need to do.

    What I have done so far –
    I contacted my web hosting company as I thought it was something they had done – they told me nothing had changed and that it was probably a ‘theme’ but they couldn’t help me further.

    I then looked at your forum and it told me to follow some basic steps before commenting on the forum. First or all it said don’t post in this forum, instead follow the link and find your theme and post there, but when I followed the link and searched for ‘Etherna’ it came back with no results – maybe it’s not called Etherna? but unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to work out what it’s called or if it’s a total red herring.

    It also said make sure that all of your plug ins are updated, so I followed all of the instructions for the plug ins that were flagged and I believe I updated them. I’m not sure what to do next to find out why I’m having this problem? Please could anyone advise?

    I have been maintaining the content of my website, i.e. adding and updating pages but I didn’t develop the site and the developer who did create it is no longer available, so my knowledge is very limited. I’ve tried reading about themes any my understanding is that they are a template that you plug your pictures and text into and it helps to created the layout and pages – is that correct?

    I then made the assumption that I must have had my website develped using a theme called Etherna which is now no longer available so I need to pick another one, but it doesn’t look that straight forward. Do I need to design my whole website again using another theme or can I just do some sort of straight swap – or am I completely wrong.

    So sorry my level of understanding is limited, which is why I’ve tried to give a full picture of where I’m up to, could anyone advise please is this a simple thing to fix or is it a complete redesign?

    Any help is appreciated, Thank you for your time.

    Theme problem – Etherna?

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