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WordPress fix Text Editor truncates posts when I click Save Draft

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by brendanpopuli, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. brendanpopuli


    Text Editor truncates posts when I click Save Draft, by brendanpopuli

    I compose blog posts in HTML using Sublime Text and copy-paste the content from there into the Text view in the WYSIWYG. For several months now, the following happens:

    1. I paste the HTML in the editor.
    2. I click “Save Draft”.
    3. The editor saves only a portion of what I pasted in; it truncates the post at a random point.
    4. I try again, repeating the above steps.
    5. Sometimes, after two or three tries, Save Draft saves the entire thing.
    6. But if I edit the post in the editor (even change the post title), Save Draft will again truncate the post at a random point.
    7. If I manage to save the entire thing, clicking “Preview” will show a truncated version of the post.
    8. Sometimes clicking Preview will open the editor in a new tab with the post… you guessed it: cut off at a random point!
    9. This happens in Safari and Chrome. I’m running Mac OS Sierra 10.12, not that that should matter…

    Today WordPress is completely unusable due to the above. I have relied on the compose-in-Sublime and paste-into-WP workflow for several years now.

    We’re using 4.9.4; I think the problem started with 4.9.2 or 4.9.3.

    Text Editor truncates posts when I click Save Draft

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