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WordPress fix Testing the wp_mail Function – how to do that?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by say_hello, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. say_hello


    Testing the wp_mail Function – how to do that?, by say_hello

    hello dear community – i need to test the wp_mail Function.

    how to check the WordPress email configuration with direct test of the wp_mail function to be sure that the function itself is working. this is a place to start: i am not sure – i need some troubleshooting because if the function itself is not working, we need to track that down first.

    i need to determine that wp_mail is operable or not!?

    if i have done this; it is then probable that emails are being generated.
    Knowing this, the next step is to consider other elements of our WordPress email configuration – we have to look after them; to track down why emails are not being sent or received.

    btw: i have tried to learn how the e-mail-system works: The way WordPress mail-transfer works: it is pretty important to Understand the script based email

    WordPress sends email using wp_mail, a function that for all practical purposes operates like php’s mail. It is this a way for our site to send email via a PHP script.
    First of all it is pretty important to understand the potential email configuration requirements. Some issues could be server-based, others could be in the configuration of WordPress itself.

    So – i guess that the main startingpoint is to test the wp_mail Function.

    what are the first steps – how to do that!?

    Testing the wp_mail Function – how to do that?

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