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WordPress fix table of content in the ‘pages’ section

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by t4me, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. t4me


    table of content in the ‘pages’ section, by t4me

    i just tried to start from scratch but wasn’t able to erase the pages i created through the ‘pages’ secion on left side of my screen. the number on the top of the table of content said 10 but the actual column beneath didn’t show any pages. the only way i was able to access the sites in order to erase them was trough the preview function of the editing interface. there i was able to see them, click on edit and then go to the option erase. again as i said before, there was no way i could access those sites through the table of content section called “seiten” or “pages”. now that i have erased them they again only show up in the number on top of the table of contents in the column ‘paperbin’ but NOT in the actual secion beneath. how is this possible? can someone please explain? i realize this has nothing to do with a specific theme. there must be some other problem.
    any help is much appreciated!!
    thank you for your time!!

    table of content in the ‘pages’ section

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