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WordPress fix Suspected database problem after 4.9.2 update

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by rhirschfeld, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. rhirschfeld


    Suspected database problem after 4.9.2 update, by rhirschfeld

    After update to WordPress version 4.9.2, some custom plugins that were developed for us years ago stopped working correctly (they work fine under 4.9.1). The symptoms seem to indicate a problem accessing database entries (although no error messages are displayed), so from skimming the 4.9.2 release notes I suspect that bug fix #42812 (“Use MySQLi when available by default”) might be the culprit. The best solution is probably to update the plugins, but we unfortunately don’t have the time, expertise, or (financial) resources for that. Is there some easy way to revert or counteract just this one bug fix, e.g., to configure WordPress to use MySQL rather than MySQLi (in a way that won’t interfere with future updates), or to make use of some sort of compatibility module?

    On a side note, this seems a rather significant change for a minor release, especially since minor release updates are performed automatically. Fortunately I had a backup, but after restoring it the site was automatically updated back to the broken version, and I had to install the “Easy Updates Manager” plugin to disable automatic updates and restore again.

    Suspected database problem after 4.9.2 update

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