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WordPress fix Support Site has completely changed/disappeared!?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by zedgcreative, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. zedgcreative


    Support Site has completely changed/disappeared!?, by zedgcreative

    I had ‘finally’ made a website live for a client. It was based on a purchased theme, which I had made some customisations to. After I had made it live (i simply deleted an existing index.html page), I was making changes to the SEO via the Yoast plugin. I was refreshing the pages to check the updated Page Titles/Descriptions, everything was fine.

    Now the last thing I recall doing was updated the SEO page title on the ‘Our Blog’ All Posts page. I refreshed the page and 95% of the page had vanished. I checked other pages and it was the same throughout!

    I tried deactivating Yoast, no change.
    A few hours previous I have updated WP to the latest version 4.9.4, so I rolled back to 4.9.2. No change.
    I reuploaded my theme files. No change.

    I am completely baffled as to what has happened. Where on earth is the site? All pages/posts are still in the system, it’s just no loading the layout/content apart from one small bit of text.

    Look here to see how one page appears:

    Now this is what it is meant to look like:
    (I had this page open before the issue, so i copied the html to create this page.)

    I really don’t know if this issue is related to WP, the theme or a plugin (Yoast)?
    What am I meant to do to get the site back?

    ANY help is greatly appreciated.

    Support Site has completely changed/disappeared!?

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