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WordPress fix Super annoying ‘Link’ function…

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by [email protected], Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Jim@HiTek


    Super annoying ‘Link’ function…, by [email protected]

    This issue has been traveling along with WP upgrades for a while now, I keep hoping it will be fixed, but I guess someone feels it’s a ‘feature’ of editing in WP. I can’t really link to any page as it occurs during editing…before publishing. I can’t give a screenshot because the latest upgrade for my Ubuntu wiped out ALT PrtSrn for whatever reason. Gah.

    Anyway, what happens is when I insert a picture in my text (and I almost always add a picture or series of pictures to an area of my post that is free of text below the pictures), WP now ALWAYS wants to insist that the next text will be a link! And autosets any text as a link. It starts by showing the cursor as a link! (Blue coloring). As I type in a description of the picture, all the text is highlighted as a link and that annoying link box hangs out under the text.

    The text I’m typing is seldom a link. I just want to insert common text between, below, or even above a picture and not have it automatically become a link! And trying to turn it off doesn’t work. There’s no ‘broken chain link’ button now, and just clicking the ‘link’ button (like a press On, press Off function) doesn’t turn it off.

    It is super annoying and takes me out of my concentration as I try to shut it off. Please fix this, someone, I’ll be extra thankful.


    Super annoying ‘Link’ function…

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