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WordPress fix Suggestions for the right plugin Docman replacement

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by bgrinter, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. bgrinter


    Suggestions for the right plugin Docman replacement, by bgrinter

    Hi all

    I’m currently migrating a site from Joomla to WordPress and I’m looking for suggestions for plugins to fit the gaps

    In Joomla I was using the excellent DOCman tool (https://www.joomlatools.com/extensions/docman/) which is a document and download manager, this is probably the one plugin that kept me longer in Joomla than I should have. I’ve imported my site using the plugin FG Joomla to WordPress which is great btw, however I’m looking for suggestions for a tool for replicating the functionality of DOCman.

    * document manager that stores PDF, and media files
    * track downloads
    * Allows some restricted access to users only on certain files
    * Group files file category (purpose not type, so for example all might be PDFs but forms, circulars, newsletters etc)
    * Bulk upload might be nice?
    * Simple directory view

    See here for existing site


    I’ve looked at WP Download Manager however it seems to be geared towards eCommerce and paid files and so everything is a chargeable plugin. Any other suggestions?


    Suggestions for the right plugin Docman replacement

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