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WordPress fix Stop pdfs turning to jpg files in uploads folder

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by joycegrace, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. joycegrace


    Stop pdfs turning to jpg files in uploads folder, by joycegrace


    I’ve noticed if I upload a PDF to the Media Library, the Uploads folder under /wp-content creates additional jpg versions of those file names and sometimes multiple resized versions of the files based on custom sizes or media size settings (like it would do for a real jpg or png, etc.).

    How can this be stopped, so that only the pdf file ends up in the uploads folder, and everywhere else?

    This seems to be creating a mess in the uploads folder, and I imagine elsewhere too.

    I realize there are now pdf thumbnail previews in WP core, but this request is unrelated to that.

    I would like to achieve zero thumbnail images, and zero duplicates of a pdf files being re-sized on the site anywhere, or turned into additional jpg files. I’d rather not have to upload PDFs via FTP to avoid this, and keep using the Media Library.

    I’ve tried googling and searching this forum, and can’t seem to find anything.

    Any ideas?


    Stop pdfs turning to jpg files in uploads folder

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