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WordPress fix Site randomly freezes, not loads

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by LRigel, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. LRigel


    Site randomly freezes, not loads, by LRigel


    My problem: Pages from my site will randomly not load. Example – I enter the dash or a page link, and get a white page, it tries to load, stops, tries again, stops, etc… This may go on for 2-3 seconds, or 10 or more.

    I’ll also get errors when I try to upload an image (http error), and I have to retry until it gets uploaded. When I try to use nextgen gallery, some images will randomly not upload. When I try to post, it does the -try to load, stop, try to load- thing and i get sent back to the All Posts page with my work lost.

    These issues are random but they appear when there are more people online.

    I suspect these problems are caused by poor performance. I don’t know if it’s the server’s fault, or my WP. Tried a cache plugin, same issue.

    I have looked on google for the symptoms, but couldn’t find any help. So here i ask for help

    Site randomly freezes, not loads

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