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WordPress fix Simple membership site – recommendations for suitable plugin

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by katjo, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. katjo


    Simple membership site – recommendations for suitable plugin, by katjo

    I’m very much a beginner with WordPress, but not to ICT in general. I have used many applications in my former role as teacher of ICT, including teaching the basics of HTML, FrontPage and Dreamweaver, as well as blogging and wikis. However, I was not involved in any of the set up of systems – that was done by Network Services.

    I am developing a WordPress site for a local Morris dance ‘side’. We need to have public pages, so that people can see what we do, and can contact us, but I have been asked to add a membership section, so that we can have somewhere to share music, and for training videos of dances that we don’t want the general public to see.

    I’ve been searching for free membership plugins, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of information on the different plugins. I now read that setting up a membership area can take a lot of time – I don’t have a problem with that, what I don’t want to do is spend time setting something up, only to find that it is not the right plugin at the end of that time.

    Our requirements

    We need members to be able to log into a small section of the website. We do not want anyone else to be able to sign up to the members area. Nobody will need to pay to join the members area – it would be best if I could create identities and distribute them to the members. Some members are not very ICT literate, and I want to reduce potential problems. We don’t need different levels of membership, we don’t want any ‘teasers’ released to the general public. Ideally, there will be a public site, with one page that allows the members to log in. It would be a good idea if they could add music and videos to separate areas themselves, to reduce the amount of work for me – but if necessary, that is something that I could do.

    Ideally, any solution will be fairly simple, so that as and when I give up the role of Publicity, there will be an easy WordPress site for someone else to take over.

    This should be a very basic requirement of a membership area.


    Additionally, is there a very simple free plugin for small tables? I don’t need searching, or large amounts of data. I need to be able to put up a table of events with perhaps 4 columns and up to 30 or 40 rows. All the plugins I have tried so far are designed for searching large quantities of data, and don’t look very good in this setting. Tables copied in from Word lose tags and are difficult to read because they are unaligned.

    Can anyone make any suggestions/recommendations for plugins that I should investigate further?

    Simple membership site – recommendations for suitable plugin

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