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WordPress fix Share very specific data across posts

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by tdawson826, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. tdawson826


    Share very specific data across posts, by tdawson826

    Background: I run a marching band historical archive site. We track competitive band annual musical selections and competition schedule. We also provide competition schedules, plus results for competitions.

    Presently, very manual, time-consuming update to all pages with Advanced Custom Fields plugin creating repeaters. Scores from competition (30+ competitions in 8 week period) pages get added to band pages (165+ bands). Lots of loading, typing, overall headaches.

    Contemplated moving to custom-built system to allow a database to store and pass information. Web developer friends telling me that could be even bigger headaches.

    Looking for recommendations of plugins or development tricks to be able to store competition lineup and results in competition page (possibly updating to “event” page within an event plugin), but pass the specific results to specific bands.

    Linked to Plymouth-Canton above — want to show how they perform at each of their contests on their own page; their page would not concern how another band performed [excludes reusable content blocks, I think?]. REALLY need something to expedite process, so posting scores to competition page will automatically pass that data and I only have to focus on making sure competitions are correct, and band biographical/repertoire data is correct.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Admins – if this fits better in another forum, please move.

    Share very specific data across posts

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